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Conquering Lion Pictures Archive

collection record

Conquering Lion Pictures Archive

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Accession #
Special Collections 0022

Archival Series

Object Name
collection record


Date Made
circa 1994-2006

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Conquering Lion Pictures Archive

Collection Pertains To Conquering Lion Pictures Inc.

Collection Pertains To Virgo, Clement


Conquering Lion Pictures fonds [artifacts, graphic materials, posters, printed materials, textual materials, photographic materials, video recordings, motion picture film, sound recordings, electronic and digital records]; circa 1994 - 2006.

Conquering Lion Pictures is a Canadian film production company formed by Clement Virgo and Damon D'Oliveira in the 1990s. It has produced several films directed by Virgo. Its most recent project is "The Book of Negroes" (2015).

Archival materials related to Conquering Lion Pictures, including the films "Rude" (1995), "Love Come Down" (2000), and "Lie With Me" (2005).

ACCESSION 2007-008; 2007-011

12 artifacts: costumes, props

35 graphic materials: storyboards, designs, poster and marketing designs

9 posters

30 linear cm. (15 files) printed material

140 linear cm. (215 files / 202 units) textual records

1051 photographic materials: 263 x b&w & colour prints including contact sheets, stills, snapshots, 85 x 35mm slides, 81 x transparencies 129 x 35mm negative strips (622 images)

15 moving images (video): 1 x DVD, 12 x VHS

263 moving images (film): 189 x 35mm, 74 x Super35mm

22 sound recordings: 14 x DAT cassettes, 2 x Hi8 cassettes, 1 x DA88, 5 x mag (dual stripe) rolls

1 electronic records: 1 x CD-R

ACCESSION 2017-001

4 graphic materials: production designs, promotional materials

6 printed matter: press clippings

115 textual materials: textual records and research files, scripts/screenplays

151 videorecordings: VHS, HDCAM, DigiBeta, DVCam

130 motion picture film: 35mm negatives

8 audiorecordings: DAT, audio cassette, CD-R

2 electronic and digital records: 3.5 inch floppy discs