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Guy Maddin Archive

collection record

Guy Maddin Archive

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Accession #
Special Collections 0020

Archival Series

Object Name
collection record


Date Made
circa 1985-2010

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Guy Maddin Archive

Collection Pertains To Maddin, Guy


Guy Maddin fonds [artifacts, graphic materials, printed matter, textual records, photographs, moving images, sound recordings, electronic records]; circa 1985 - 2010.

Guy Maddin is a Canadian director, screenwriter, author, cinematographer, and film editor from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Born in 1956, Maddin has been making shorts and features since the mid 1980s, as well as several video art installations. His work utilizes the visual language of early films, and often investigates the themes of memory, nostalgia, familial relationships, and loss. Guy Maddin received the Order of Canada in 2012.

Archival records created and compiled by Guy Maddin, as well as various individuals involved in his film productions. The collection contains published material written both about and/or by Maddin and includes extensive photographic records documenting his process and productions. Artifacts include props and costume pieces from films such as "Saddest Music in the World" (2003), "Careful" (1992), "Archangel" (1990), and "Cowards Bend the Knee" (2003). Textual records include, but are not limited to scripts, drafts, correspondence, production records, and treatments. Though there was some selective retention, the fonds does contain comprehensive photographic records. There was some selective retention with regard to moving image materials on video and film.

ACCESSION 2003-011; 2004-012

5 artifacts: costumes, props

17 graphic materials: storyboards, designs, poster and marketing designs

11 posters

60 linear cm. (37 files) printed materials

60 linear cm. (62 files) textual materials

1546 photographic materials: 1118 x b&w & colour prints including contact sheets, stills, snapshots, 7 x Polaroid prints, 394 x 35mm slides, 27 x 16mm frames/fragments

3 architectural plans

66 moving images (video): 13 x DVD, 3 x 1” open reel, 46 x VHS, 2 x ¾ Umatic, 1 x MiniDV, 1 x Hi8

98 moving images (film): 42 x 16mm, 54 x 35mm

50 sound recordings: 3 x DAT cassettes, 3 x ¼” audio reels, 6 x audio cassettes, 20 x compact discs, 18 x mag rolls

21 electronic and digital records: 21 x CD-R

ACCESSION 2010-007

17 graphic materials: storyboards, sketches

35 printer matter: press clippings, catalogues, published writing

87 textual materials: scripts, research, drafts, correspondence, diaries

39 photographic materials: photographic prints, photographic slides.

41 video: videorecordings

1 audio: audiorecordings

1 electronic records: digital photographs

ACCESSION 2017-003

19 artifacts: props, costumes, ephemera

24 graphic materials: storyboards, artworks, promotional materials, production and set designs

10 posters: posters

163 printed materials: books, programmes, periodicals, catalogues, press clippings

71 textual materials: scripts/screenplays, textual records and research files

193 photographic materials: photographic prints

4 technical drawings: maps, set designs

51 videorecordings: VHS, DVD

13 film prints: 16mm, 35mm, super 8mm

10 audiorecordings: audio cassettes, CDs

6 electronic and digital records: CD-R, DVD-R