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Peter Lynch Archive

collection record

Peter Lynch Archive

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Accession #
Special Collections 0025

Archival Series

Object Name
collection record


Date Made
circa 1982-2003

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Peter Lynch Archive

Collection Pertains To Lynch, Peter


Peter Lynch fonds [textual materials, graphic materials, moving images, sound recordings]; 1982-2003, primarily 1990s.

Peter Lynch (1957-) is a Canadian director and writer, best known for his feature documentary Project Grizzly (1996). He co-founded Video Culture International, a festival showcasing video and new media. Many of his features premiered at TIFF.

The fonds contains records related to the professional career of Peter Lynch. The records were created or compiled by Peter Lynch in the course of his film and video production work, as well as earlier involvement with video and new media programming, especially with Video Culture in the 1980s. The fonds includes production records for the non-fiction features (Project Grizzly, The Herd, Cyberman), the short fiction works (Arrowhead, Animal Nightmares), other documentary works (Soccer Fever : a passion play, The Artist and the Collector, St. Bruno), as well as music videos and television commercials. The Herd and Project Grizzly were produced by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), while Cyberman was produced for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Arrowhead was presented by Shadow Shows, and stars Don McKellar. The television commercials were made for Carling Breweries / Molson. The music videos feature performances by Leroy Sibbles and the Sattelites.

The work of creative collaborators is also included in the fonds. The Artist and the Collector features Rick McCarthy, a Toronto-based artist who contributed title designs for Arrowhead. Textual and photographic records by Caroline Christie are included: she is the editor for Lynch works. In addition, the fonds contains the work of music and sound collaborators Ken Myhr and Ann Bourne, and cinematographers John Walker and Tony Wannamaker. The fonds contains interviews with Matthew Barney, Joshua Meyerowitz, and others.

ACCESSION 2003-014

4 artifacts : 1 costume element, 1 accessory, 1 prop, 1 artifact

29 graphic materials : original drawings, reproductions / photocopies

1 poster (8 copies)

65 printed materials (95 linear cm.) : books, magazines, newspapers/ tabloids, catalogues, other publications andprinted ephemera

81 files of textual materials (75 linear cm.) : files, including film scripts

approx. 2505 photographic items (comprised of 195 sets/rolls) : colour and black and white snapshots, 3 Cibachrome exhibition prints, colour negatives, 35mm slides

115 video recordings : 89 ½ in. VHS cassettes, 5 3/4 in. cassettes, 6 Hi8 cassettes, 1 DVcam, 2 digital Betacam cassettes, 10 Betacam cassettes, and 2 1-inch open reels

12 film rolls : 16mm picture and mag

15 audio recordings : tape cassettes and compact discs