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Patricia Rozema Collection

collection record

Patricia Rozema Collection

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Special Collections 0009

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Patricia Rozema Collection

Collection Pertains To Rozema, Patricia


Patricia Rozema fonds [artifacts, graphic materials, printed matter, textual records, photographs, moving images, sound recordings]; circa 1978 - 1999.

Patricia Rozema is a Canadian filmmaker whose breakout film, I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing, won the Prix de la Jeunesse at Cannes. She has since directed such features as Mansfield Park, When Night is Falling, and Into the Forest.

Archival records created by Patricia Rozema, as well as various individuals involved in her film productions, including producers Alex Raffé and Barbara Tranter, and other creative, production and technical personnel including accounting, wardrobe, art department, cinematographers, still photographers, composers, etc. Records created by, or in the operational context of, corporate entities: Patricia B. Incorporated, Vos Productions Inc., Vos Productions Ltd., Some Films Inc., and Crucial Pictures, as well as Barbara Tranter’s company Dominion Pictures, and Miramax.

The fonds includes very limited, selective retention of early material consisting of journalism and news research, personal papers, Calvin College student newspapers (to which Patricia Rozema contributed). Other early records are related to her work in other capacities including assistant director, executive producer, talent. There are comprehensive textual records (including script, development, production and post-production records) and moving image materials related to her short films and feature films, as follows: Passion: A Letter in 16 mm (1985), I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing (1987), White Room (1990), Montréal vu par..., Desperanto (1991), When Night is Falling (1995). There is fragmentary material related to The Hunger: At My Back (1996), Six Gestures from Yo-Yo Ma Inspired by Bach (1997), and Mansfield Park (1999). In addition, there are records pertaining to unrealized and ongoing development projects including Cat’s Eye, The Case of the Missing Mother and The Elizabeth Smart Project.

ACCESSION 2001-002, 2003-002

43 artifacts : ephemera, 2 garments

57 graphic materials : 1 album of drawings, poster designs, title designs, storyboards, digital printouts, lobby cards, ephemera

1 poster

478 files (5.5 m.) textual materials : textual materials and research files, film scripts

10 printed material : 2 bound volumes of newspapers, 4 publications, press clippings

962 photographic materials : approx. 400 black and white prints, approx. 530 colour prints, 155 Polaroid prints, 12 black and white contact sheets, 19 rolls/series colour slides and positives, 10 rolls/series colour negatives

3 technical / architectural drawings

186 motion picture film : 39 rolls/series 16 mm, 147 rolls/series of 35 mm, including mag rolls

166 videotapes

79 audio recordings : reels, cassettes, disks